April 2019: Empowering Seniors: Who’s on your team?

 April 2019

Empowering Seniors: Who’s on your team?


When I launched my business in early 2013, 97% of the people reaching out to me were being reactive to the aging process, not proactive. What does that mean? It’s like your life is a snow globe and someone is shaking it and when that’s happening, it’s hard to think clearly because you’re under a lot of stress. Years ago, when I was an admissions director, a woman came to me because her mom had just suffered a massive stroke and this poor daughter just sat there and dissolved to tears. Her snow globe was being shaken so hard she didn’t know which way was up and it broke my heart. It’s in situations like that where you’ll have wished you had a plan, that you had been proactive, so you or your children don’t have to be reactive to the situation, instead they can enact the plan that’s already in place.

That’s the goal here, to be proactive—to have a plan in place as you age. While some of this may seem like common sense, many people haven’t taken the steps to put a plan together.

Below is part of a “To Do” list I’ve shared in a blog before, but I wanted to break it down even further because it’s so important. Recently, I discussed this list and several other important topics at an educational seminar at the Westlake Porter Library. I’m hoping the following short videos from my presentation will help you tackle steps 1 and 2 of my proactive aging to do list!

Step 1: Attend Educational Seminars

Step 2: Surround Yourself with a Good Team