August 2018: The Benefits to Proactive Planning in the Aging Process

 August 2018

The Benefits to Proactive Planning in the Aging Process


As the founder of Seasons of Change Aging Life Care Management, I have seen the composition of my clientele change to some degree over the 5+ years I have been in practice.  The shift has been in the approach that my clients are taking to the aging process.  Aging does not have to be scary IF we prepare for the process properly and with professional assistance.  As a society we are living longer and we want to “age in place.”  The clients that I have been dealing with more and more are those who understand that the recipe for success is in approaching the aging process PROACTIVELY. 

Several weeks ago, a gentleman client said to me, “I wish we had called you weeks ago, we could have avoided this mess.”   He is not the only client who has expressed this sentiment or something similar.  And in reality, the process would have been more cost effective had Seasons of Change Care managers been involved earlier; the time taken to “untangle the mess” would have been avoided.  Quite literally we could have transitioned his loved one from point A in their life to point B much more smoothly.  So, what is the lesson here?  Engaging a professional at the onset of the event, or ideally before an event happens, is not only cost effective but results in far less emotional and physical stress on all individuals involved. This leads to a better aging process whether you are 50, 60, 70, 80, or 90.   PROACTIVE involvement with a professional Aging Life Care Manager also reduces the risk of medical or hospital error. As nurses, my care managers and I bring our clinical backgrounds in hospital care, skilled care, long term care, and home care, to the table.  We are not only clinically strong but know and understand the systems and work with those systems in your best interest. 

Aging Life Care Managers approach their client and the families holistically.  This graphic, generated by the Aging Life Care Association, of which I am an Advanced Professional Member, allows us to visualize the approach that we take.   When we team up with you and your loved one we address any immediate needs first, then we explore further to provide support, education and vetted referral information to assist in those areas that are outside our expertise, including health care providers, elder care attorneys, financial planners, home care companies and other appropriate resources that you may need and that you can trust to keep your best interests at heart. 

I encourage a call to Seasons of Change.  Let’s talk, and let me advise as to how my care managers and I, can be of service to you in your unique situation.  The initial call is free and allows me to ascertain how our expertise can be best put to use to serve your needs.  Isn’t it worth your peace of mind?