Beyond Driving with Dignity

Beyond Driving with Dignity 


The Beyond Driving with Dignity program is a self-assessment for the driver in which professionals certified in the Beyond Driving With Dignity program assist families and their loved one through the difficult decisions associated with a loved one loosing their ability to drive. This can often be an emotional topic but we are here to help.  

Interested in using this program to help your loved one self-assess their driving skills? Contact Matt Gurwell, Founder of Keeping us Safe & Beyond Driving with Dignity.

Program #1: Driving Under the Influence of Dementia

This 1-hour Continuing Education presentation focuses on the role dementia, memory and executive functioning play on older driver safety. The presentation is supported by current-day, real-life examples as well as academic studies that confirm the correlation between cognitive decline and older driver safety.

Program #2: Bringing a Peaceful Resolution to Complex & Sensitive Senior Driving Issues

This 1-hour Continuing Education presentation provides attendees with the skills and competencies necessary to help an individual (and their concerned family members) with age-related diminished driving skills make a smooth transition into a driving retirement, with minimal deterioration to the individual’s dignity or independence.

Keeping Us Safe's Nationally Recognized

"Enhanced Self-Assessment Program" for Older Drivers

Our 3-hour, one-on-one session with the Senior includes:

  • Several pen and paper, cognitive and memory related exercises

  • An actual on-road driving exercise (assuming it's safe to do so!)

  • An in-depth Learning Conversation

Other program intricacies:

  • Within 10 days of the session, the family will receive a written report recapping the details and findings of the session.

  • Our driving exercise is performed in your loved one's own car and is performed on routes and in neighborhoods they are most familiar with.

  • This self-assessment serves as an additional tool for the older driver and his/her family. As such, results of the session are not reported to the DMV/BMV.

  • Medical referrals or doctor prescriptions are accepted but are not required.

  • We have very carefully replaced complicated and intimidating driving simulators with the lost art of genuine conversation and personal observation. We will not plug your loved one into a computer or strap them into a simulator.

  • We identify those drivers that are at an "elevated" risk for a future traffic accident.

  • Our sessions are facilitated in the home of the older driver, at the comfort of their own kitchen table.

  • We value and welcome the input of family, friends and caregivers.

  • Is your loved-one still a safe driver? We can offer tips on how to remain safe as he or she progresses through the aging process.

  • Our Certified "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professionals know that when older drivers feel they are being heard, they are much more likely to support, rather than merely comply with any resulting decisions. We accomplish this through our in-depth learning conversation with the older driver.

  • Our goal is to get your loved one's session scheduled within 5 business days of your call, eliminating lengthy delays in scheduling and reducing the amount of anticipation anxiety on your loved one.

  • Payment methods include cash, checks and credit cards.

Keeping Us Safe Group Presentations

Adults with Aging Parent Drivers  

This presentation was designed for family members, caregivers and loved ones of senior drivers.

Among other things, this presentation discusses many of the legal, ethical, and most importantly the emotional challenges faced by a family or professional caregiver when considering a loved one's retirement from driving. Presentation topics include:   

  • The "Driving Intervention Continuum."

  • When and how should the conversations start?

  • Who should do the talking?

  • Creating a family driving agreement.

  • What other transportation options are available?

  • What if the senior driver still refuses to stop driving?

  • A review of national, state and local resources.

  • How to facilitate a smooth transition from the driver's seat to the passenger seat.

This is a 1-hour group presentation developed to help members of the baby-boomer generation when they become concerned about a loved one's ability to drive safely as a result of the natural aging process.  We provide a road map to help families address the issue with tact, compassion, and empathy, so that the older driver's dignity and independence is never unnecessarily jeopardized.


A Safe Drive Through the Aging Process

Developed specifically for senior drivers, this 1-hour presentation for your group or organization can best be described as a practical, entertaining and realistic approach to the issue of "senior drivers Vs. the aging process."  

This presentation is not meant to be another safe-driving or driver-refresher program (seniors have seen them all by now!) but rather it is designed to increase awareness concerning the onset of diminishing driving skills related to the aging process.  

Our presentation takes a direct yet compassionate approach to the very sensitive subject of recognizing that someday it may be time to relinquish some of that treasured driving independence.  The ultimate goal is not to take away driving opportunities of older drivers, but rather to offer suggestions on how to recognize and compensate for diminishing skills so that our seniors may remain on the roadways as safe drivers.