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Empowering Seniors and their Families Through Education.

As a Nurse and Aging Life Care Manager, I am passionate about empowering seniors and their families with the knowledge and resources necessary to make educated decisions as they go through the aging process.  Since the path of aging is rarely smooth, I strive to provide you with information that will guide you through the stressful and uncertain situations that may arise for you or your loved ones.  I strive to encourage pro-activity rather than re-activity through education because it is always easier to make appropriate decisions when we are prepared.  This ability to react in a positive and EMPOWERED manner can be yours when you have access to the guidance, resources and options available to you as you navigate the seasons of your life.

Discover why our clients have said, "We couldn't have done it without you", "You clearly get it", "You were dad's guardian angel,” and  "I feel you have led us through a dark, ominous forest."




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Our Specialized Services

Guidance, Navigation & Support

We know what you are going through, we have been in your shoes.  Our Care Managers provide you with options that take into account what your needs are today, what is projected for the immediate future and offer suggestions for what your "next step" might be.  We encourage taking a proactive approach to planning and will lovingly provide options, suggestions and guidance to help you achieve your highest quality of life.

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We are passionate about advocating for you!  All the members of our Care Team are trained to look at a client's unique situation holistically.  In this way we can support you and "push back" in your best interest.  Our Care Team sees you not as a medical record number, but as a person with unique needs and rights.  When decisions are swirling around and it becomes difficult to know what is in your best interest our Care Managers enter the situation clearly and objectively, advocating in your best interest.

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Health and Wellness

Our BRIDGE program focuses on your wellness when discharging from hospital or facility.  Think of the BRIDGE Program as a "safety net" where the goal is to prevent unnecessary readmits to the hospital in the first 30 days after discharge.  The key is early and immediate intervention.  By addressing key areas that are rushed through or overlooked in the discharge process our Care Managers greatly increase the client's successful BRIDGE back to their home environment.

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Beyond Driving with Dignity

The Beyond Driving with Dignity program is a certification program for aging life care professionals to be able to assist families through the difficult times associated with a loved one loosing their ability to drive. This can often be an emotional topic but we are here to help. 

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Seasons of Change founder, Teresa Wheeler, has provided expert witness in the realm of health care with success to local law firms.   Contact Teresa directly to determine if she may be the right expert to provide assist in your current legal case.

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