March 2019: Why do we research refrigerators and not an aging life plan?

 March 2019

Why do we research refrigerators and not an aging life plan?


In the market for a new refrigerator? What’s the first thing you do? You head to the computer and start searching and searching and searching some more. As you begin to realize the number of options, you start to feel overwhelmed. How hard is it to find a refrigerator/freezer combo that keeps your food from spoiling, that’s all you want, right? Well did you take into consideration:

  • Do you want a French door style?

  • A side-by-side?

  • Bottom freezer?

  • Top freezer?

How about the color? Did you think about that?

  • Stainless steel?

  • Black stainless steel?

  • Black?

  • Black matte?

  • White?

  • Slate?

Are you going to have it delivered? Installed? You know, those are all extra fees!  

While you may feel overwhelmed, you’re in a good place. Your current refrigerator is still fully functional, and you have time to do this research and go into countless stores and look. But what if you don’t? We’ve all been there before. You come home from work and see that the refrigerator stopped working. Now you’re calling your neighbors or maybe your adult children to see if you can put what food didn’t rot into their freezer or refrigerator. Now it’s all hands-on deck as you ask your family and friends to clean up this mess in your kitchen while you and your spouse head to Best Buy, Home Depot or Lowes (whichever one is open past 7 on a Wednesday night) to find a new refrigerator ASAP.  

Now, what if instead of a refrigerator, it’s your health we’re talking about. Wouldn’t you want to take the time to research your options before something goes wrong and you’re forced to make a quick decision? Or have someone else make that decision for you? Asking your adult children or friends to help clean up rotted food is a lot easier than asking them to make crucial decisions about your health. Decisions that you could have had time to make and decide on. This is why it’s important to be proactive. To have a plan. To do the research and make an educated decision about your aging health.  

Take charge: Of your life, your health, your today and your tomorrow—because tomorrow always comes! Will you have plans or regrets?

Need advice and guidance on making these decisions? I will be speaking at the Westlake Porter Library (27333 Center Ridge Road, Westlake 44145 ) on April 4, 2019 at 7:00pm.  My topic is:  Empowering Seniors:  Steps to take to proactively plan for the aging process.  Contact Trina Thomas at 440 250-5466 to sign up or register here.