November 2018: Be Proactive – Maintain a Comprehensive Health Record

November 2018

Be Proactive – Maintain a Comprehensive Health Record 


In our October blog I addressed the need to be proactive. The dictionary tells us that being proactive means, “to plan ahead by creating or controlling a situation and by causing something to happen.”

Our health is one such area where we can take control in a variety of ways. Seasons of Change has developed a way to keep the “details” of your health in order. Getting your health information correct is crucial for your own knowledge as well as for your care providers. As a Nurse, Aging Life Care Specialist and Patient Advocate, I felt the need to create a tool in which individuals could record the myriad of details that contribute to and paint a picture of their health and wellness. To that end, the Comprehensive Health Record (CHR) was created.

This copyrighted publication is ideal for the user to take with them to the physician’s office, the emergency room, on trips, or to their winter home. By accurately completing the CHR and presenting it in the healthcare environment, individuals greatly decrease the risk of mistakes by giving the health care provider a snapshot of their health history. Hospital systems electronic health records do not always share information across systems or even in the same system. I have come across this more than once when scheduling appointments for clients or accompanying them. YOU must EMPOWER yourself; take charge of your health record and keep it accurate.

When it comes to yours, or your loved one’s health, you are the strongest advocate. The CHR empowers you by cataloging information on your health status including medications, current and past diagnoses, physician contact information and much more to present a comprehensive health picture of you, the patient. It is designed to be a dynamic document and will best serve you it is kept updated. Additionally, when kept in a binder with pockets, you can add printed test results and keep them together.

The CHR comes complete with a refrigerator magnet* that provides a "Quick Snapshot" of your health status for First Responders as well as the information to direct them to where your CHR is kept in the event of an emergency.

Don't be caught unprepared, an accurately documented health record aids doctors and hospital staff in their care and reduces your risk for life threatening mistakes.

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* When ordered as a digital download, please provide your mailing address, we will mail the refrigerator magnet under separate cover at no additional cost.