October 2018: Proactive Planning

 October 2018

Proactive Planning


Proactive.  What does that mean to you?  In the dictionary, it means to plan ahead by creating or controlling a situation and by causing something to happen.  We plan ahead for vacation, for our weekly meals, we budget for a “rainy day.” We take control of the situation. With that in mind, how much planning ahead have you done for your senior years?  How proactive have you been? How have you empowered yourself through education and action?

When we are not proactive we are forced to become reactive.  As an Aging Life Care Manager, I typically hear three excuses from folks who weren’t proactive.  

  • “Why should I do anything now, I have plenty of time.”

    • This is an ignorant approach. We cannot control what the day may bring, but we can control how we will respond should our day go sideways.  

  • “I will let my children worry about it.”

    • Stop and think, do you really want someone else controlling your future without a road map in place? Proactively plan what may happen if such a time comes that we cannot be active agents in our own behalf?

  • “I’m just too busy.”

    • We take time for everything else, why then do we not believe it is important to take time to proactively plan what may happen if such a time comes that we cannot be active agents in our own behalf?

Below is a “To Do” list that I share when I speak to senior groups.  You will see that there are no difficult tasks on the list, but by accomplishing these tasks you will be taking charge of your life and what happens as you move into, or continue in your “golden years.”

  1. Attend educational seminars. Empower yourself, time well spent-then apply that new knowledge!

  2. Surround yourself with a good team which may include:

    1. Aging Life Care Professional*-Like Seasons of Change!

    2. Elder Care Attorney*-Advance directives

    3. Financial Planner*-How can I best protect my money? I worked hard for it, now let it work for me!

    4. Health Care Insurance Broker*- Make sure you have the best and most cost effective coverage choices!

    5. Funeral Planner

    6. Trusted Family Member-Emphasis on trusted

    7. Trusted Neighbor/Friend-In case of emergency

    8. ______________________________-Who else is part of your team?

  3. Do something with all of this information, don’t let it sit and “collect dust.”

  4. Consolidate all pertinent information-Obtain and complete the Comprehensive Health Record

  5. Make a plan, share it with those trusted individuals that you have identified

  6. Tour facilities, ideally with a professional who knows what to look for.

I welcome the opportunity to speak to Baby Boomers and senior groups about being proactive, if you would be interested in having me out please contact me at 440-503-1279.