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The Seasons of Change care management team listens to you, explores your situation holistically, develops a plan to meet your needs, keep you safe, preserve the highest quality of life.  We identify and provide information for the appropriate services available in the community to help you achieve these goals.

Guidance, Navigation & Support

One Time Consult/ Referrals/ recommendations

 To examine your situation, outline your options and maximize your quality of life. Some individuals request to have just one meeting with us to confirm that they are on the "right track" or to gain some guidance in navigating the healthcare system. An Aging Life Care Specialist can provide so much 1:1 support in a "One and Done" session such as this and provide incredible peace of mind. Nicely enough if you find the need for our services down the road, we are more than happy to reenter the situation and provide continued guidance and support.

Emergency Consult at the Location of Your Choice 

When you have experienced a life change without notice and decisions have to be made quickly. We will look at the options and formulate a plan with you to make the movement forward as painless and hassle free as soon as possible.

Facility/Community Tours 

Empower yourself! We will tour up to three facilities with you to enable you to gain a professional comparison before you decide which skilled or long-term care facility will be best in meeting your or your loved one's needs.

Move/Downsizing Consultation 

When staying in your current location is no longer feasible. We will look at all options available with you and empower you to determine what the best choices are for your situation. If a downsize or move is in your future Seasons of Change can help by referring you to a reputable senior move manager who will have your best interests at heart.

Bill Organization/Bill Pay Service 

Setting up a monthly/yearly calendar to organize and ensure that bills are paid in a timely manner for you or your loved one. We will also ensure that your loved one has a sufficient number of checks and stamps on hand as well. 


Patient Advocacy Services 

Exploration and conflict resolution of the situation with the parties involved is the goal of this service. Discussions and recommendations on your behalf with you or your loved one's best interests in mind and at the center of the discussion.

Regular Visits to your loved one

With your loved one's best interests at the center of this service, we will visit your loved one at their facility, when it is not possible for you to do so, and follow up the visit with a report back to you of their current condition and circumstances. Let the facility know that your loved one has an advocate who will monitor the situation and keep your best interests at heart.

accompaniment to physician appointments 

We will attend your doctor appointment with you, or your loved one, for the purpose of taking notes or acting as your advocate.  


Health & Wellness


The Aging Life Care Professionals at Seasons of Change developed the BRIDGE Program to provide an opportunity for the senior to “Bridge” safely and effectively from their hospital stay to their home. Not only is it the goal to return the senior home successfully but to provide the framework and support to keep the person safe at home for the first 30 days after a discharge as this is the time frame when there is an increased incidence of repeat hospitalizations.  

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Comprehensive Health Record/CHR

When it comes to yours, or your loved one’s health, you are the strongest advocate.  The Comprehensive Health Record empowers you by cataloging information on your health status including medications being taken, current and past diagnoses, physician contact information and much more to present a comprehensive health picture of you, the patient.  It is designed to be a dynamic document and will best serve you when you keep it updated.  Don't be caught unprepared, an accurately documented health record aids doctors and hospital staff in their care and reduces your risk for life threatening mistakes.

Scheduled Reminder Calls 

To you or your loved one, for any circumstance.


The Beyond Driving with Dignity program is a certification program for aging life care professionals to be able to assist families through the difficult times associated with a loved one loosing their ability to drive. This can often be an emotional topic but we are here to help. 

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